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Ka-boom pilots are fully trained and licensed by RUSTA to fly
Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in both sub 7kgs and 7-20kgs categories.
We are regulated by the CAA holding a valid PFAW, are registered with
1st Option Safety and fully insured to carry out aerial work for Film and TV.

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We offer tailored packages to suit any requirement  –
Single Operator for basic aerial capture
Dual Operators for greater flexibility & accuracy allowing
the camera and drone to operate independently for more complex shots
Dedicated and experienced Spotters as additional crew if required
The DJI Inspire 2 is the smallest
professional aerial filmmaking platform
in the world, shooting up to 6K at an
average of 1.7Gbps. DJI’s leadership in
aerial technology is unparalleled.
The Zenmuse X7 is specifically designed for aerial imaging.
Based around a 3 axis stabilised gimbal, the system simultaneously writes
primary RAW/ProRes files to a dedicated SSD and proxy h.264/5 files to a micro SD card.
The system also utilises interchangeable lenses from 16mm-50mm.
Safety is key to all our jobs.
We are registered with 1st Option Media Safety
as a preferred supplier of drone services to the
Film, TV and Broadcast Industries. 1st Option provide
a wide range of safety services for all leading broadcasters
and production companies.
How long can you Fly:
approx 20 – 30min per battery and we carry 15 spare batteries
Can you fly in the city:
Yes, but additional permissions are required under CAA regulations for flying in a congested area.
Can you fly any time of year:
Yes depending on weather conditions. We can not fly in the rain and must always have line of sight
Can you fly indoors or undercover:
Yes, our pilots are all experienced in flying indoors are undercover such as forest areas.
Can you fly over water:
Yes, we have no issue flying in close proximity to or over water.

Drone Team

Nial Doherty

sUAV Pilot and Camera Op

Tom Callender

sUAV Pilot and Camera Op

Zach Willis

sUAV Pilot

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